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                www.antpedia.com, established in October 2007, ranks highest among the global professional websites for scientific instruments and analytical testing .

                The Analysis & Test industry is involved in many areas such as environment, food&safety, pharmaceuticals and drug analysis, life sciences, petrol-chemicals, chemicals, materials, energy, on-line analysis, mobile measurement, etc.; over 80% visitors to Antpedia come from laboratories, experts, professional technical personnel and purchasing decision-makers in the Analysis & Test industry, including both the Science & Technology personnel engaged in exploratory research and the technical experts engaged in standardized tests.

                Antpedia focuses on providing the most advanced internet services for the Analysis & Test industry, and has won the recognition and praise from a great number of customers after years of effors. The main content of the website and the services include:

                Information platform: including latest information on the industry, original news collection and editing reports, news specials/Minisite, commercial information, third party product guide.

                BBS, blogs and groups: industry-leading Web 2.0 mutual platform

                Webinar on-line network workshop: reduces the communication distance and the communication costs

                Advanced Lab: internet home of Labs

                Instruments/Spare Parts/Reagents: Industry-leading company exhibition platform

                Antpedia Staff: professional employment/recruitment platform

                Platform for meeting, exhibition and training

                Commercial services such as network investigation, website construction, EDM, advertising, etc

                Off-line activities

                All staff of the website, who are familiar with the rule of the Analysis & Test industry, and have more than 10 years marketing experiences in the industry, are the professional personnel in the fields like chemistry, biology, materials, environment and etc., and have built a long-term good cooperation with many laboratories and experts in the industry. With its deep understanding of the industry, tracing and using the new internet technologies, and its idea of long-term insistence on taking root in the Analysis & Test industry, Antpedia has provided a variety of value-added services to companies, academic conferences and organizations, laboratories, experts, etc., and has received lots of appreciate from its copartners.


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